[yooree-kuh, yuh-]

A Greek word meaning “I have found it!” An exclamation that accompanies a discovery.

Q1: What is a YREEKA moment?

A YREEKA moment is when disparate thoughts and ideas intersect and the result is a sudden burst of applicable insight. Creativity without any real world application remains just an idea. To truly embrace digital transformation real applicable innovation needs to take place. We believe at YREEKA that these moments should not be isolated occurrences, it’s all about working with clients to create ongoing moments of insight, each one building on the last. In order for businesses to keep establishing new insights and new perspectives that will ensure that they remain competitive and outperform any competition.

Q2: How can having a YREEKA moment help the modern day business?

All organisations and companies are constantly faced with seemingly unprecedented rates of change and constant volatility. This is due to a large extent to ongoing technological advancements, global hyper-connectivity and socioeconomic and political factors. Change is a constant and the demand to continue to keep up with disruptions to business models and established ways of working is being fostered by technology. Added to this every business is unique and has its own challenges and opportunities, approaching every client with this mindset therefore allows us to create bespoke YREEKA moments that are transformative. YREEKA adds value to clients by working with them to help co-create the best possible solutions to support their business transformation.

Q3: How does YREEKA aid businesses in finding these moments?

YREEKA is a team that is able to understand business models from an end-to-end perspective and therefore is able to provide value at an advisory level. Unlike some other businesses that focus in on a consulting or advisory service only. YREEKA understands tech and also offers the skills and experience to create and build digital solutions for clients. YREEKA is able to provide an in depth analysis of any business and identify opportunities for growth and enhancements through technology. We like to focus on supporting solutions across what we believe are key business dimensions encompassing people, product and process. We establish why, how and where businesses need to transform across these focus areas or alternatively just support transformation within one particular area that needs to be supported.

Q4: What YREEKA moment does a business need in order to transform?

Businesses need to be open to business model innovation, culture change and have a willingness to adapt as a constant. Whether a business is already digitised to a large degree and is just looking to enhance its operating model or deciding on whether or not to digitally transform their business model, a willingness to evolve is critical.

A business also needs to come to the realisation that the internet of things and digital extensions into everyday working life are not going anywhere, in fact if anything they will continue to ramp up into 2017 and beyond, this realisation allows businesses to consider how best to use technological disruptions as a competitive advantage. Technology is disrupting various industries and sectors around the world and whilst this can feel fairly uncomfortable at times it really presents huge opportunities to grow and differentiate. A key component to digital business transformation is for senior leadership teams to buying into the idea and the ongoing journey. It is not enough for just the CIO or CEO to get it and want to push ahead, the entire executive team needs to be committed to being agile, embracing change as a constant and always being willing to consider how tech can better empower people and enhance a process or product/service.

The capacity to guide others through disruption to already established ways of working is a key dependency for a business to truly transform. But this capacity is needed in order for transformation to become a habitual way of outdoing your competitors and delighting your customers.

Q5: Explain how organisations can use technology to create everyday YREEKA moments?

Organisations can potentially apply tech across any area of their business. Tech is ultimately an enabler, that improves a business’s way of working or selling its goods or services.

At YREEKA we therefore believe that business transformation needs to be understood holistically, with primacy placed on people and how they engage with a business’s service or product as well as work within a business. We seek to understand the person behind any process and how tech can meaningfully enhance an experience. Tech touches people’s lives on a daily basis, at YREEKA we like to provide insights into these moments of interaction and suggest possible ways of “doing it better” through tech. For example we have experience working across culture and change management, digital workplace developments, online learning, e-commerce, digital marketing and business system related services and therefore aim to ultimately support an organisation across all of these areas, end-to-end.

Tech ensures that you can potentially do things in a more efficient and effective manner and allows for meaningful data to be generated and further insights to be gained. Through tech there are also opportunities to amplify a businesses relevance and its reach be it locally or globally. But it really is dependant on each business’s specific needs.

If you want to get on board with the digital transformation movement, contact us today and let us help you do it the right way with tangible returns.