You know when you just want simplicity for your business, one solution to manage all your sales, ongoing work, schedule and employees. Well, we’ve built it, an integrated solution, to break down silos and enable efficiency.

You know when you need a single digital platform to manage everything your business does? One solution that unties your sales, processes, team and boosts productivity? If you have ever wanted this or felt this way then you’re not alone. “How does technology simplify life and make my working day more productive?” That was the question that the team from Yreeka Pty Ltd, known for digital consulting and product management, asked themselves.

The team realised that they couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer, frustrated with the amount of complexity they had to deal with by leveraging multiple applications in order to manage their business. As a team they soon realised that they were having to subscribe to different CRM, project management, human resource management, collaboration and data analytic tools, which felt like a “siloed” approach. Unsatisfied with anything on the market they decided to build their own solution. As Mathew Haswell the MD and Co-founder recalls:

“Why should you have to recapture data from one app to another and have data living across numerous apps that don’t flow or integrate well, have to pay multiple subscription costs, work with user experiences that differ, have to remember numerous logins and have many tabs open all the time? This way of working brings complexity instead of simplicity.”

Many of the best CRM’s, project management, HRMS, intranet and analytic tools in the market are great but they don’t really integrate that well, can get very complex very quickly and are often expensive. The result has been that the team have built, a business platform of the future resembling a full suite of well integrated cloud based business apps rather than a series of isolated independent apps. It’s an all-in-one solution with CRM, PM, HRMS, statistics and much more all well integrated in one unifying product.

“By solving this frustration aims at providing users with an all-in-one solution that has been intuitively designed to empower users to efficiently manage and scale their businesses at a fraction of the cost. One subscription, one login, one user experience, full integration and flow between core functional areas and data residing in one place,” Haswell said.

So what is It’s a cloud-based SaaS solution for perfect for freelancers, startups or businesses and it’s applicable to almost any industry as it supports core business processes and requirements. The product offers core modules of sales (CRM), People (HRMS), Work (PM), dashboard, analytics and chat as well as a few additional features. has a single sign on, its scalable, offers integration into other products (which will expand with time), it’s easy to use and it is very cost effective. recently launched their first release, sign up today to receive a 14-day free trial.

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