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Eureka: "When one finds or discovers something new"

YR: "Shorthand for your"

Put together = YREEKA

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About Us

Yreeka was started in 2016 by Mathew Haswell, with a passion to support organisations in driving growth and innovation. The business is derived from the word “Eureka” with the relentless pursuit of establishing meaningful and ongoing aha moments for clients.

We understand that in todays World digital transformation will inevitably impact your business's people, process and products. So, we focus on offering the services and solutions that will enable business transformation, enable growth and future proof your customer engagement

We are a team with combined experience in UX, design, content marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, content development, media strategy, analytics, branding, software development, online learning and behavioural sciences. We understand what it takes to engage with your customers in a meaningful way. We can’t wait to work with you to transform the way you engage with your customers.

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