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Our Team

Mathew Haswell

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Mat has a vast amount of experience in behavioral sciences, UX and user psychology, online learning, branding and communications. He holds 4 degrees and has worked across the retail and educational sectors for just under a decade. Mathew loves having a good cup of coffee, is obsessed with shoes and is driven by learning something new every day. He has a passion for disrupting the status quo and is excited by any idea of partnering with anyone who wants to positively change peoples every day experiences.

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Warren Kilian

Head of Digital

Warren has over 9 years combined experience in digital marketing, ecommerce and digital transformation from a client, and agency side. He has developed a wide range of skills over the years and maintained relevance with industry trends and best practices. After hours, Warren enjoys keeping in shape, following his favorite sports teams and enjoys some down time with his favorite music. He has a passion for people and the idea of continuous learning and self improvement.

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Julia Meaker

Project Manager

Julia is a passionate project manager that has qualifications in project management, marketing and customer relations. Her interests lie in socially and digitally orientated fields that require task and goal management. Julia enjoys all things sporty and adventurous, as nothing sparks creativity quite like the outdoors. She thrive on wanting to make a difference through a digital inspired avenue and aims to do so by continuously growing networks and leveraging its people.

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