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Our Company

Why we do it

As the saying goes “people are creatures of habit”. Habitual digital experiences are the new normal. As an employee or as a consumer, we are all impacted daily by digital experiences. Yreeka exists to empower businesses to transform behaviour through digital technologies. To be sustainable as a business constant evolution and change is a must. We adopt the philosophy of digital darwinism, where you either adapt or die, as we keep discovering ways to transform how people consume, work and learn every day.


What we do

We support businesses who understand the need to transform what they do as a result of digital advancements and disruption. We assist businesses through the process of digital transformation. Assisting in developing digital strategies which may include new models and ways of working as well as supporting businesses through growth, working as digital partners.

How we do it

We provide education, consulting and development support. All three of these pillars ensure that we are able to accurately analyse, inform and support businesses through digital transformation. We support both established and new businesses through this process and provide ongoing implementation support and guidance.