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“90% of CEO’s believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing a digital strategy”  – MIT Sloan & Capegemini

We are living in an age where the digital economy has brought about high volatility and lightning quick disruption. A time when star-ups are using technology to move at lightning speed to disrupt markets. The only sustainable competitive advantage is to be agile and either re-invent your business model or start a new one. There is no room for complacency in todays fast past digital world and the incorrect move is not to transform and make a move at all. Digital transformation includes realigning and investing in technologies and business models that more efficiently engage with and influence customers at every point of their customer lifecycle. Whether you are wanting to launch a new business or transform an establish one, Yreeka is able to support you. We assist businesses through digital transformation and help you evolve to realize new growth opportunities and be the driver of digital disruption rather than become redundant because of it.

Our Company

Yreeka was born out of the desire to use technology to create every day “Yreeka” moments for people. We are a team of designers, developers, digital consultants and behavioral scientists who are constantly combining their skills to meaningfully transform digital experiences. If you have had a Yreeka moment, then you will understand.

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Our Process

Our process begins with assessing the core pillars of your business: the people (company culture, capabilities, leadership, and organisation as a whole), the process (your infrastructure and business tools) as well as your product (business models and customer experience). We then engage at a high level to determine the unique needs of your business, challenge your thinking, and ensure business evolution.

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Our People

We are a team of passionate behavioural scientists, user designers, developers and digital marketing consultants. We educate, advise and create in order to transform digital experiences for our clients.

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