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Whether it’s keynote presentations, educational content, or workshops, we work with you to develop educational programs that suit your business’s learning philosophy and allow you to share your knowledge and expertise on a global scale.

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We are passionate about using technology to advance the world, and we want to do this for your business too. With the goal being business growth and transformation, we offer business consulting, positioning, and strategy.

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After we’ve designed your unique digital solution, we assist you in implementing it with our digital services that include web development, e-commerce, apps, digital workspaces, strategy, online learning and CI development.

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The Company

Yreeka was born out of the desire to use technology to create every day “Yreeka” moments for people. We are a team of designers, developers, digital consultants and behavioral scientists who are constantly combining their skills to meaningfully transform digital experiences. If you have had a Yreeka moment, then you will understand.

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Our Process

Our process begins with assessing the core pillars of your business: the people (company culture, capabilities, leadership, and organisation as a whole), the process (your infrastructure and business tools) as well as your product (business models and customer experience). We then engage at a high level to determine the unique needs of your business, challenge your thinking, and ensure business evolution.

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Mathew Haswell

Managing Director & Co-Founder


Warren Kilian

Head of Digital


Jo du Plessis

Head of Development

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